Thermal Paste Heat Transfer Grease Heat Sink

HY510 30g Silicone Thermal Paste Heat Transfer Grease Heat Sink CPU GPU Chipset Notebook Computer Cooling Syringe Thermal Paste Compound Heatsink Plaster Paste

Hy510 gray thermal conductive silicone grease, this kind of
silicone grease is added with high thermal conductivity graphite powder, metal
powder and other substances to achieve better thermal conductivity effect. This
product is widely used in gap filling between CPU and radiator, high-power
diodes, triodes, silicon-controlled elements, heat transfer at the slit in
contact with the substrate. With the help of the high thermal conductivity of
graphite, graphite thermal conductive silicone grease can fill the gap between
IC or triode and heat sink, increase the contact area between them, and achieve
good heat dissipation effect.

The products have passed the SGS environmental certification and meet the EU
ROHS testing standards. The variety of packaging is convenient for customers to
choose and use.
1.93 w / m-K;
It has strong insulation performance and can withstand voltage above 10000 v;
Low thermal resistance, keep the paste state for a long time;

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